Wildflowersssss & Floral Kimono

Sharing a little bit of my favorite weekend spot on a little piece of property about 2 hours from our house…its pretty much heaven after a long week of “Adulting”.

Slowing down and taking each moment a bit slower is heaven to me. Some people like to go to a fancy dinner- ( I like that too) but I prefer to be in nature and home more than most. My perfect day would be to take in the clean air, listen to the birds chirp outside, smell the flowers, take a stroll through nature. SIMPLE, EASY, FREE. Our Mini Aussie Hunter Loves it here as much as my boyfriend and I do so sharing a bit of this peaceful place along with some fashion (of course). Scroll to the end to see Hunter in his Handkerchief that he really doesn’t love wearing but I make him anyway !

This cardigan found HERE happens to be under $60 and I wear this piece all the time. It’s simply perfect to dress up or down and will stay in the closet for years. I wear this with denim and strappy flats to work and on the weekends to Brunch or any parties I could have going on.  My strap-y tank can also be found HERE — since this is a trendier piece you shouldn’t spend a fortune on it. This suede skirt is by Free People and is sold out but you can find a similar option HERE– If you don’t want to spend that much you can find similar options HERE. This gold choker is a simple addition to any outfit found at Nordstrom HERE.

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