Neutral Territory

Hi !! If your reading this then you love neutrals probably as much as I do. Like…..A LOT. Love my neutrals daily with denim. But, truth is I really don’t LOVE heels and mostly wear flats everyday (even though I am short), but when you find a great pair like these Sam Edelman “Yardly” lace sandals you know you’ve met your match. Im loving these b/c they are double duty and are great for a girls special occasion/date night/work week, as long as your place of employment has reached the 20th century and doesn’t require a closed toe shoe! Ps. I also love these crop flare denim with a raw hem to help give some room to show off my shoe, plus +++ BONUS if you are super short like me and you know your more likely to find a $100 bill on the street than find a flare denim that isn’t too long! ps. you are also allowed to be brave and cut your own! Besides, I know you have an old flare denim you never wear anymore :). The denim I linked are dif. b/c mine are sold out, but theres a GREAT You can find my top top here with other colors available too. Sunnies are just my Classic  Ray-Ban aviators that I’ve had for years and plan to hang onto forever. Happy Monday. Cheers to fab. week ahead to all of you ! xxxxxx-Sonya

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