24 Karat Magic (on your desk)

Hi working WOMEN and GENTS. It’s Monday Fun-day~! I love an adorable workspace just as much (maybe more) than most!? I think if you love the space your in, it can motivate you to do better~  (esp. if you work in an office or from home). Sort of like that saying, “If you look good, you feel good.” Here are a few of my favorites for a quick office space “spruce” as I like to call it!

  1. Functional Yet Cool Writing utensils- Wooden pencils bring a bit of the outdoors inside! (PS. you can find at Marshalls or TJMAXX for less than $5).
  2. Candle- Absolute must to smell good vibes while working- My favorite is Capri Blue seriously the best smell maybe ever! -found here.
  3. DESK CALENDAR– I like them good size to write in any important dates (especially so the boyfriend can see events since they tend to not remember..hehe :)). Find
  4. Pretty Paperclips and Pushpins found at Paper source) -The small is just a nice touch if you want to add a little more spice-(tons of these at TJMAXX).
  5. NOTE Note note books! – One for inspo-ideas one for the TO DO LIST
  6. Flowers- Carnations seriously put off a lot of scent..
  7. Fun Lamp-(check your local HOME GOODS store/Flower Holder/PLANNER
  8. Anything found at PAPERSOURCE OR ANTHROPOLOGIE – P.S. paper source uses recycled papers … Thank you! Why in the world doesn’t everyone in the Paper Business?
  9. FOR THE GUYS- You can find some pretty cool ideas on this blog post HERE

There you have it– Add some desk flair this week to brighten up those early mornings. Have a  great week and thank you for reading and being part of my site!  XXxx- Sonya


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