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Rosemary. In simple terms….. Its green, it smells good, its natural, and its a packed with multiple antioxidants and cancer fighting properties. There are also different varieties and each have great benefits. Did you know one also blooms purple flowers ? Anyway…

Its one of my favorite herbs to use on a regular basis because I love the smell but as I read and learn more about it I learned some interesting info. Here’s a few ways its amazing and how to use it regularly.

  • Cancer fighting -Camosic acid and Carnosol
  • Hair Health
  • Immune Booster
  • Memory improvement
  • Digestion
  • Anti-anflammatory
  • Cortisol Fighter
  • Blood detoxifier

Some of my favorite ways:

  • Rosemary tea- I add in some fresh rosemary, pomegranate aerials, and organic honey
  • Rosemary Oil- The BEST way to recieve the benefits- 100% pure grade is a must. Don’t be fooled by the diluted versions find the purest versions at or the “NOW” brand is great for a lesser cost because it’s not sold by independent reps like young living. You can find the NOW brand at most local Organic goods stores.  Refer to the guide here if you are new to essential oils found here. Please exercise caution if you have any medical conditions or you are taking any prescription medications as some oils can interact. Ask your physician before use if so. I like to use Rosemary for inflammation after lifting or just tight muscles. Peppermint oil is also great as well-and feels like icy hot but is completely natural-  but that may be another post!
  • Food- My favorite is Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary -recipe here …..So GOOD!! Another fav is Rosemary Chicken i use which you can get here.

After all we learn daily about cancer and its many causes why shouldnt we look to the natural plants put on the earth to help us fight back! Ps. DM me if you want to know about an app you can get for your phone that explains all oils including what they are made from, how they are distilled, what each oil can do foe your body, mind, and spirit. Its safe to say I have a true fascination in all the different aspects about essential oils!

Happy Friday lovlies. Love yourself this weekend! Xxxxx





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