This year we decided to do a dinner with my family at the cabin since it’s closer for everyone….so naturally you work with what you have! I started out wanting it to be SIMPLE but once i got started with the flowers I couldn’t stop (insert monkey covering eyes emoji ) —We already had this great COLEMAN   dish set that we like because we have open shelving so its nice to have it all match. The set is also nice to take if you go camping very often! VERY durable and outdoorsy!

My favorite part of the decor are the wood slices I found and the coasters from BurlapAndDreams on Etsy. This is now one of my favorite shops and they make the perfect gift for any of your friends or family who can appreciate anything handmade. The coasters I purchased also came with twine and a made with love sticker. Etsy is one of my favorite ways to shop because I have a true love for supporting small businesses. There is nothing better than knowing you got it handmade and its unique!

Another fun idea I did this year is add some baby’s breath to your tree to create a snow effect. (scroll down to see this pic) —-I opted for this instead of the ornaments. When I was a kid we used to use tide to coat the tree so it looked like snow -substitute for white christmas which we don’t always get in the midwest!  The lights I used can be found at PaperLanternStore. They are battery operated and have three settings for easy use. One of my favorite things currently are the LE SAC EN PAPIER  bags- I used to set the tree in. I just sat a pan in the bag with water for the tree. These bags are recyclable, reuseable and durable. Personally I like how it looks better than your traditional tree stand- (to each their own.) The gold star flutes that are holding flowers were a nice touch to add a bit more to the table. I couldn’t find my exact one as they are older but I found some similar HERE. Shoot me an e-mail if there is something here I missed and you want to know more.

The dinner party turned out to be such an amazing time with family and has inspired me to do a few more dinner parties in the future! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas this year!

—Here’s to Dreaming and Creating!   Dreaming that all your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true in 2017. XXxx-Sonya

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Creator of INDIGO&rogue. "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." ➰

2 thoughts on “WOOD-SY DINNER TABLE

  1. I love your “look” in the photos and the products too. You are modeling a way of life, very sensuous and beautiful. My book is also about similar things though a different approach. We have a lot to talk about I think. JoEl


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I cant wait to read your book and hear it from your perspective. We do have a lot to talk about, so nice to meet someone who appreciates art and nature 🙂


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