Bon Voyage!

My 31st Birthday trip to The Elms Hotel and Spa was relaxing and NEEDED! The Hotel is only an hour from Kansas City in Excelsior springs, Missouri. The town, named for its collection of naturally occurring mineral springs, is quaint and cute. The Hotel is really based on the natural mineral springs with a Grotto style lap pool and hot tub in the lower level of the building. Mineral springs are full of natural occurring elements such as Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Sulfate to help soothe aching muscles and joints, and after you use them I swear that you honestly can feel the difference!

My girlfriend and I spent a day at the pool, a night at the spa, and we ventured out to Van Till Family Farm Winery one night for a wine tasting and some brick oven pizza on the cobblestone patio.  I will do a separate quick little post on that later this week-otherwise this post will be WAY too long!

Do you ever think you are doing “pretty good” with eating good and self -care and then realize you actually ate a bunch of sugar, haven’t been washing your face on the routine, and only worked out 2 times in one week? Hey, maybe you haven’t ever had that happen but just being real with you, that has definitely been me lately! The trip was good for me to inspire myself to kick-start a new “healthier” version of myself. I try to always focus on being healthy but sometimes its easy to lose sight of how you are really doing when you have a million things going on. It’s nice to go somewhere that the focus is on “you”. Staying in the old hotel helped “slow down time” and allowed me to reflect on where I am and where I want to be when it comes to my body.

If you live in KC or just want to kick-start a healthier version of yourself and relax- this is the place to go! Ps. I don’t want to paint the wrong picture so don’t expect “luxury” in the way you would think. The hotel IS OLD so of course there are parts that need some love. But if you are the kind of person that can appreciate the imperfections that come with a little piece of history you will love the hotel even more. To each their own ! Take away from this trip: If you focus on yourself, you are able to “give” more by being healthier, happier, and overall more balanced! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday- Thanks so much for following along with me on Indigo&Rogue. Ps. would love to hear if you have a favorite place you go to “re-focus” or relax!

The outdoor pool with a hot tub and a Cabana Bar on the other side (not pictured) Servers are on staff all day/night.
The grotto lap pool is warm and after use your skin is silky smooth. The opposite feeling of swimming in chlorine filled pools!
Processed with VSCO with 3 preset
Bathrooms are small, but not too important considering you don’t spend much time here anyway 🙂
The Cafe (located in the lobby) provides The Roasterie coffee’s and other delicious treats.

FYI TIP: If you want a good chair get to the pool to claim around 9 AM to save your seat!

Outdoor covered patio for reading & relaxing
There are antique little details throughout the hotel to admire and think about what life “used to be” before cell phones and I-pads. 🙂 -yes, they have wifi !


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