Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Picks

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a fab weekend! Tomorrow is MONDAY (again)…….but I thought what better way to shake off a Monday than a little therapy, Retail therapy that is. Of course I couldn’t “NOT” post on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year with all the great Beauty Deals to snag right now. I have picked out my 5 favorites that I think give the most BANG for those hard earned BUCKS$$$. Ps. The SLIP silk pillowcase is a must have to help tame your hair’s split ends and keep skin looking fresh everyday. I bought mine a few weeks ago before I knew they would have them on sale. There are two on sale for a great deal but they also have a single pillowcase if you only want one. I did a lot of researching on silk pillowcases and waited for over a year before buying, and I can honestly say I was missing out! My significant other was not necessarily into sleeping on a silk pillowcase for some reason, I am guessing it didn’t sound very man”ish” but I still told him that is so weird! 🙂 🙂
Anyway, my picks are below and heres to having a good week. May your coffee be strong and your Monday not too long ! XXxx-Sonya

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