Hi, I’m Sonya~~Mini Aussie Dog Mom ~~Fitness Lover~~~Known to eat too many Oreos~~Bad at texting back~~Big Hearted <B~~Right-Brained~~Visual Learner~~your turn!!

STYLING and CREATING is something I have a genuine love and passion for. I’ve always had a love for fashion and now that I am older, skincare too. 

Before I was even tall enough to make any well educated styling decisions I told my teacher and parents I NEEDED to be a fashion designer…Emphasis on “NEEDED” to and not wanted to – so important! -(insert wink-y face emoji! ). 

As I have grown older I have grown to realize how important it is to find your purpose and do what genuinely makes you happy. I enjoy the creative process that a website and blog offers and as an introverted extrovert, (yes those do exist) this is my way to connect.  I am not great at photography, I will be honest but hey who is great at everything right? I created this blog is to get involved in my own way, share my struggles, happy moments, life and hopefully connect with and create relationships with you!

I have a special place in my heart for companies that “give back” and who are interested in sustainability. I work in designing and purchasing  so naturally I have an interest in retail and the therapy it can provide every now and then. 

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