STYLING and CREATING is something I have a genuine love and passion for. I’ve always had a love for clothes…..Before I was even tall enough to make any well educated styling decisions I told my teacher and parents I NEEDED to be a fashion designer….”NEEDED” ……not wanted – so important! -(insert wink-y face emoji! ). I also have a love and desire to help others so here we are! As I have grown older I have grown to realize how important it is to find your purpose. I created this blog is to get involved and help others. I have a special place in my heart for companies that “give back”. We all have to work to make money, that’s a given. So why not make money and work while also putting just a tiny fraction of what we make to others in some way. Even one penny adds up to a dollar if 100 people did the same. I want to collaborate with companies who are invested in real “issues” and who support a cause that is important to other’s in today’s world. I can only hope that I make my time here as special as it can be by being a voice for those who think the same as I do. Currently I am loving this Website. The T-shirts all support different causes and who doesn’t need a graphic tee to pair with a cute skirt or jeans ? Each shirt supports a different cause and you can pick and choose what’s near and dear to your heart!  Additionally, I am just your everyday girl and looking for a family through all my followers. 

I hope you enjoy and we can share our inspirations and love of similar things together. –XXX–Sonya

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